Out of the blue II HOME
Home is where the Heart is and for both Emerson and I April 2003 we found a home for our hearts desire. The house at 199 West Broadway, beyond the desperate need of some attention, became our home and we continue to put our hearts into it.

Established in August of 2003, we had viewed and decided to purchase the house earlier in April. The house was built in 1906 or thereabouts and was the home of a Sunday School Teacher named Rae prior to our arrival. The first time we viewed the home, I remember turning to Emerson when standing on the second floor landing and pleading that we purchase it; my rationale was mostly emotional because I believed I felt a warm spirit and it was good; it reminded me of my beloved Nana. After meeting the neighbor's they shared their remembrances of Rae and how she was so well liked; especially by the neighborhood children.

Buying a fixer upper you need to have a willing maintenance man around. That role became Emerson's as he has accomplished great works by redoing the hardwood floors, adding lighting to the studio, finishing the massage therapy room with his peaceful cloud artwork, and then some! (Front porch) Some of his hard work was done while I was enjoying a dream of mine to visit my Ireland and it was just after we had moved in. Bringing back the Irish flag that now flies in front of our home was appropriate as we found out that we had settled on the Irish side of Jim Thorpe. (Mauch Chunk) Emerson's great grandfather on the Moser side of the family was from this area and was believed to be involved with the Molly Macquires before leaving the area to Hell's Kitchen New York.

Our home serves us two-fold as it is our place of business and our family refuge. We both agree we have made a wise choice in settling into a home with a strong foundation. We hope you find " A Thousand Welcomes" as you cross our threshold.


Joshua 24:15 - As For Me And My House We Will Serve the Lord.